Model(型號): ROTARY  POTENTIOMETER---------R45111AOT



Excellent operational feeling;Many codels are available.High performance and high dependability.

Suitable for various control applications sith general consumer electronics products,automotive installation equipment and devices,industrial machines,etc.
Dimensions(規格圖 ):
Specifications( 規格)
Electrical Characteristics [ 電氣性能 ]
Total resistance [ 全阻抗值 ]
Total resistance tolerance [ 全阻抗值容許差 ]
Ratings power(w) [ 額定功率 ]
B curve 0.5W,except B 0.25W
Restings taper[阻抗變化特性] A,B,*C,D,W
Residual resistance [殘留阻值]


Sliding noise [滑動雜音]
80mV Max.
Withstanding voltage [耐電壓] 1 minute at AC 500V
Insulation resistance [絕緣阻抗] 100MΩ Min. at DC 500V.
Max. operating voltage [最高使用電壓]
linear Taper B AC 500V,  except B AC 250V. 
Gang error:[運動誤差] -40dB~0dB  ±3dB Max.
Switch contact resistance[開關的接觸阻抗] less than 0.3mΩ
Switch Ratings power 1.0A at AC /DC 125V
Mechanical Characteristics [ 机械性能 ]
Operation torque [ 回轉力矩 ]
30~200gf . cm
Rotation stopper strength [ 止動強度 ]
5.0Kgf . cm Min.
Total rotational angle [回轉角度]
Switch rotational angle[開關的回轉角度] 50°   ±5°
Switch action[開關的轉動力]
Endurance Characteristics [ 耐久性能 ]
Rotational life [ 回轉壽命 ]
More than10,000 cycles
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