²TAIWAN PWL CORPORATION was founded in 1993 by designing and making electronic components. Meanwhile , for self-supplying use , we import manufacturing technique of silver pastes and carbon pastes from Japan . For years , in order to meet the internal demand of polymer and noble metal and base metal pastes for high-tech electronic components and circuit board , we've been actively to introduce and train talents , invested much funds in development , continuously cooperated study with abroad returned technicians which are expert at thick film components material , domestic and foreign research institutes , and universities .

²We have built a production line and a modern lab , with the technical resource and experience from the production and management . We supply a variety of thick film pastes and precious metal powders with consistent batch quality . Joint research , technical service , prototype production and technological development were the main business of our company .

²台灣寶德華股份有限公司創建於 1993年,致力於電子零件設計與產。同時由日本引進銀漿碳漿製作技術自給使用,為滿足國內高技術元器件和線路板對高分子聚合物與貴賤金屬結合漿料之需求,多年來我們積極引進和培養人才,並投入大量研究開發資金,組合留學歸國厚膜電子材料方面的技術專家與國內外研究單位,大學進行了持續合作研究。