=>Conductive Adhesives

       This series conductive adhesives have good stability at room temperature,low ion impurity and curing temperatuer,good electrical and mechanical properti-es,environmental stability after curing.They could be used in LED,LCD,VFD,chip Ta-capacitor,crystal oscillator,IC,etc.

Basic characteristics
Product NO./Feature NM-80A NM-80B NM-80C
Conductive Filler Silver Silver Silver
Main Binder Epoxy resin Modified epoxy Modified epoxy
Appearance Silvery colour slurry Silvery colour slurry Silvery colour slurry
Viscosity(mpas) 25~27 15~17 18~20
Rheopexy Index 3~5 4~5 5~6
Storage-5℃ 6months 6months 6months
Product NO./Subject NM-80A NM-80B NM-80C
Curing Process Application Time 2 months(25℃) 2 months(25℃) 2 months(25℃)
120 60min 60min 60min
150 30min 30min 30min
180 10min 15min 15min
Adhesion 25mpa 15mpa 15mpa
Volume Resistivity 2.0*10-4Ω.cm 9.0*10-5Ω.cm 2.0*10-4Ω.cm
Elastic Modulus 280mpa(25) 350mpa 350mpa
Decomposition temp 250 275 275
lon impurity CI- ≦3ppm ≦5ppm ≦5ppm
Na+/k+ 0.5/0.5ppm 0.5/0.5ppm 0.5/0.5ppm
Printing method Fine screen print,general use Screen or dispenser Dispenser
Aplication IC,LCD etc LED、LCD、OSC Ta-capacitor,SMT

*Curing process based on non-dilution unless dilution is necessary,Ethylene Glycol monobutyl Ether or diethylene Glycol monobytyl Ether are recommended.Viscositydata be measured by Rion Viscometer VT-04E(JAPAN),25 2#spindle,60rpm.


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