Silver Series

      PWL fireable compositions are widely used in the ceramic substrate to form electrode of components or conductive

Basic characteristics
Subject/Product NO. Ag(%) Printing Method Firing Peak/Temp/time Firing Cycle Application Feature
SP-100 60~80 Screen Print250~350 mesh 510~57010 10min 60min PZT,elctrode and PTC electrode Good adhesion and Fire ability
SP-200 55~65 Screen Print250~350 mesh 580~60010 min 60min VFD Excellent resolution and density
SP-300 50~60 Screen Print250~350 mesh 750~82010 10min 60min Disk ceramic capacitor,NTC, Buzzer Metal color,firing together,good solder ability
SP-400 60~80 Screen Print250~350 mesh 650/5min or 800/20 sec 30min  15~20min Aluminum electrode for PTCR or solar cell Good conductivity,thermal-humid stability
SP-500 60~80 Screen Print250~350 mesh 650/5分 30min PTC,thermal-humid stability
SP-600 60~80 Screen Print250~350 mesh 600/5分 60min Outer electrode for chip component Platable,good adhesion
*Besides A1 paste,we also have the Pb-free and Cr-free products for the same use.


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