Silver And carbon Pastes For Carbon Film Potentiomter
Basic characteristics
Subject/ Product NO. Solid Content  (wt%)        Density      (g/cm3) Viscidity     (mpas) Precision                 (Type QXD scratching board precise calculator (hr) Coverage Rate(cm2/g)
PL-AG-K5 60+/-2% 2.2 40~60 ≦5µm 140~200(Depond on the coat's thickness)
PL-AG-K6 50+/-2% 1.8
Linearity Rate Sheet Resistibility(lengty28mm,wide5mm/thickness10µm) Adhesion(3M tape600#pull vertically Silver Layer Density Hardness(type By pencil hardness calculate) Endurlty
50~200µm ≦0.6Ω The silver layer doesn't break off Excellent (viewed by eye or microscope:fine metal shinning on the dense noumenon film) 6H (Machin 50 rounds/min,silvergilt phosphor bronze brush,spring90gf. cn,): 1.5ten thousand time
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