Spherical Silver Powders

       This series of silver powders have good dispersion,high density and low surf-ace area,as conductive filler for inner electrode of multi-layer components.

Basic characteristics
Subject/Product NO. Shape Average Particle Size Range(µm)    Surface Area    (m2/g) Bulk Densety   (g/ml) Tap Density   (g/ml)


0.50~1.50 0.50~0.80 2.50~3.00 4.00~5.50
SSP-03 Sphercal 2.00~4.00 0.50~1.00 3.00~4.00 4.50~5.50
SSP-04 Sphercal 0.50~1.00 1.00~1.50 1.50~2.50 3.50~5.50


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